Why you should not try to collect your unpaid overtime and minimum wage through the Texas Workforce Commission

People who have been laid off or fired frequently have unpaid overtime and minimum wage claims. Why? They didn’t want to rock the boat and risk losing their job by pressing the issue. Now that they have been laid off, terminated, or forced to quit, they have nothing to lose. If you are in that situation, how you approach the process makes a big difference.

The Texas Workforce Commission Cannot Collect all your Unpaid Overtime and minimum wage.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has a process to collect unpaid wages. Sometimes, people who have lost their jobs will mention or include their unpaid overtime and / or unpaid minium wage with the TWC intake officer. The TWC may include what they think is unpaid overtime under the FLSA in the wage claim. In this video, I explain why the Texas Workforce Commission is a bad option to collect unpaid overtime and minimum wage.

Don’t know what the Texas Pay Day Act is?

The Texas Pay Day Act requires employers to pay employees their last wages withing 6 days or the next pay period after the end of employment.